When it comes to engaging a target audience to act, your organization needs results, conversions, and sales, and video is the most powerful mode of content you can leverage. Getting premium content made can be difficult and time consuming. But it doesn't have to be. 

Fire Tribe is your creative partner,  strategically designing high impact video campaigns that achieve a measurable return on investment. We provide personalized support with access to our entire crew of filmmakers and video specialists. But where many production companies make the content and stop there, we go further. FIRE TRIBE combines engaging cinematic content with digital marketing strategy and distribution, and we adapt our video content based on further testing and performance.

See our work below or contact us for a free 60 min video priming session to help give you a roadmap on how to implement video into your marketing or business.


Do you need ongoing video content to engage with your market? Considering hiring a staff videographer or editor? 


Look no further.

FIRE TRIBE provides ongoing support with custom video integration plans.  For one affordable monthly fee, our entire team of video content creators will have your back with personalized service. 

Our crew consists of:

  • Strategists

  • Producers

  • Writers

  • Cinematographers

  • FAA Licensed Drone Crew

  • Editors

  • Animators

Brands need more than one video to build trust with an audience, but they don't always need year-round support. With FIRE TRIBE's Force Multiplier program, we produce a series of videos in a short amount of time, so your brand can schedule multiple media pieces for release throughout the year.


In addition, each release can be re-cut and  re-used over multiple forms.


A webinar can be turned into a podcast, a video ad can become a radio ad, or video content can be turned into still image posts.

One project becomes multiple deliverables.

Often when organizations are ready to produce premium video content, they make the mistake of pouring thousands of dollars into a video without building in a solid digital marketing and distribution strategy, or worse they're stuck with the finished video as is, and they're unable to test and optimize their content. 

FIRE TRIBE only produces elastic content, meaning we reserve revise time for testing and optimization.

We also aid companies with distribution and digital marketing strategies so that they get the most out of their video content investment. 

Publish the video and assess how it does, if something's not firing on all cylinders with the audience, our team will lift, boost, and change the video to get improved results.



Contact us for a free 60 min strategy session where we will assess your organization's video content needs.

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